Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Venezuela, June 21th, 2019.

Past week (June 19th, 2019) the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations, Michelle Bachelet, arrived in Venezuela attending the invitation of Nicolas Maduro´s Regime. The purpose of the visit was to further comprehend and monitor the situation of human rights in the country. After three days of investigation, meetings with victims´ families and reunions with Nicolas Maduro and interim president, Juan Guaidó, the visit concluded with a petition from the high commissioner to release the political prisoners; a call for cooperation between both, government and opposition and as well the implementation of two commissioners of the United Nations (Carlos De La Torre; Sara Nuero) in the country, with the purpose of assessing and monitoring the situation. 

The HRI for Peace and Freedom believes that the most optimal way to fully comprehend the situation a country is going through, is by having a perspective from the inside. The implementation of both U.N commissioners and the visit of the High Commissioner should generate a better understanding of the complex situation and grave violation of human rights in the country. Fundamental rights such as food, water, health, education and labor, are not being guaranteed by the government. The arbitrary arrest of political prisoners, acts of torture, the oppression against freedom of opinion and expression are all cases of the systematic violation of human rights conducted by the authoritarian regime of Nicolas Maduro Moros. 

The HRI condemns these acts and demands to free all political prisoners in Venezuela and allow international organizations to address the humanitarian crisis throughout medical and alimentary support. 

The HRI as well urges the international community to increment the pressure in the fight against the violation of human rights in Venezuela and to condemn and judge the perpetrators of such acts. The universality and interdependence of human rights must overcome any political ideology or religious fundamentalism. 

A further analysis of the situation will be conducted under the monitoring process of the HRI. The Institute will accompany further work generated by the U.N High Commissioner alongside upcoming reports which should reflect the grave crisis of human rights in the country, by identifying the officials accountable of these acts and these should help to redirect Venezuela into a democratic state under the rule of law.