Within the monitoring process for violations of Human Rights conducted by the HRI, the country of Venezuela, illegitimately governed by Maduro´s Regime, has once again provided sufficient evidence for the international community to address the systematic repression to drown out the peaceful citizens´ protests calling for rights, in the face of a lack of food, medicine, and basic services. 

Past week, Rufo Chacón, a 16-year-old Venezuelan boy, was a new victim of brutality and acts of repressions against peaceful protest. He suffered some of the gravest physical abuses led by regime officials. The young boy was shot point blank in the face with a pellet gun and lost both eyes in consequence. 

Currently, the government of Venezuela, has no capacity of guaranteeing the internal supply for either gasoline or domestic gas, among many other basic products. For this cause, Chacón, his mother and younger brother, woke up early past Monday to look for domestic gas, which was absent in their home for 3 months. After hours of waiting, the neighborhood conducted a peaceful protest in the highway as a response for the lack basic products, which is a regular way of responding to the energy supply problems in the entire country. As stated by the mother of Chacón, police officers responded rapidly to the protest and started shooting, even though it was mainly conducted by both women and children. She was protecting her other 14-year-old son who was being beaten by several police officers, when seeing that her older son, Rufo, was shot a first time, knocking him to the floor and a second time, point blank in the face. 

“My son wants to kill himself, they disfigured his whole face, he does not have eyes, he told me that everything is over”. 

Once again it is exposed to evidence the systematic pattern of repression and abuse of power conducted by Maduro´s Regime. The Attorney General, William Saab, has stated that the perpetrators of these acts (Javier Useche Blanco and Henry José Ramírez Hernández) will be sanctioned. Just as in the case of Navy Captain, Rafael Acosta Arévalo, the Public Prosecutor’s Office distracts and manipulates the facts of the case, misleading the attention to both of the perpetrators who operate within a visible military chain of command, which functions and commits acts of abuse of power with impunity. 

The HRI for Peace and Freedom demands the International Criminal Court´s Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda and the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations, Michelle Bachelet, as well as the international community to address the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and act against the regime officials who have guaranteed impunity when systematically committing crimes against humanity. Rufo´s dream of becoming a computer engineer is over, just as the life of hundreds of Venezuelans taken by the regime. The grave situation in Venezuela must end.