A colloquium about Universal Jurisdiction coordinated by the lawyer Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, Director of the Human Rights Department of the Cremades & Calvo Sotelo Law Firm and President of the Human Rights Institute for Peace and Freedom.

The meeting was attended by law students, lawyers of the firm and members of the Institute.

Juan Carlos Gutierrez, addressed issues such as the principles that should govern universal jurisdiction, made a historical tour of judicial cases and criteria, as well as progress and setbacks in terms of universal jurisdiction to judge crimes against humanity and serious violations of humans rights. He also emphasized the importance of doing justice for the victims, the guarantee of non-repetition to avoid new facts and eliminate impunity, judging the perpetrators and masterminds.

There are many challenges for the universal jurisdiction however, in a globalized world territorial borders must not serve as lairs for international criminals. Systematic violations of human rights, crimes against humanity and serious environmental crimes, among others class action lawsuit, must be persecuted all the time and everywhere.