Edgar Zambrano, Vice-president of the National Assembly of Venezuela

Within the monitoring process for violation of Human Rights conducted by the HRI for Peace and Freedom, the situation of Edgar Zambrano, Vice-president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, is in a critical state. 

The VP of the National Assembly is currently in a hunger strike (10 days until today) in protest for his arbitrary detention and generalized acts of repression against the political opposition and human rights activists by part of the Maduro Regime. Zambrano was arbitrary arrested on May 8thof 2019 by the intelligence service of the Regime, called SEBIN. This political police force is an instrument of repression which the Regime uses against any form of opposition or activism. 

Zambrano was intercepted the day of his detention in the public road inside an official vehicle of the National Assembly and was towed to a military prison, violating his parliamentary immunity. 

We must remember that the National Assembly was awarded with the Sakharov prize in the year 2017 in consequence of the efforts of reestablishing a democracy in the country of Venezuela. According to the recent High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations Report’s,  the Maduro regime has sophisticated methods of torture that it has applied to hundreds of opposition activists and victims of systematic oppression. There is a clearestablished pattern of torture in the country against the political opposition and it was seen not long ago the assassination of navy captain Rafael Acosta Arevalo, who suffered acts of torture and this was the c`ause for his death. 

The situation of deputy Zambrano, VP of the National Assembly, is critical mainly because there is no information provided by the government of his medical condition. In consequence, there is no proof that Zambrano is not being tortured by Regime officials. Again, when in Venezuela, there is an existing pattern of torture. 

This is another case of forced disappearance conducted by the Regime of Maduro. Under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, this act qualifies as a crime against humanity. 

The HRI for Peace and Freedom condemns the acts of repression conducted by the Maduro Regime and demands the international community to address the case of Deputy VP Zambrano, which must not be left unpunished and must pressure the Regime to immediately release him. As well the Human Rights Institute, calls the ICC´s Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, for the UN HCHR, Michelle Bachelet, for  to address this case within their power in the international community.