Since 2016, the Government of Myanmar has conducted an ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Rohingya population in the country. More than 10.000 have been killed and studies show that more than a million have conducted forced migration to neighbor countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. 

More than 700.000 have fled to Bangladesh since 2017 and are currently settled in refugee camps such as Kutupalong Camp. The United Nations have classified the acts of the Myanmar Government as “crimes against humanity”. Within the process of ethnic cleansing, village burning, mass graves, vast cases of children mass killings and gang rapes have been recorded. 

What the Myanmar Government and armed forces have done to the Rohingya population can be described as of the most evil acts conducted by human beings. They have systematically violated most of the fundamental and human rights of the Rohingya population in the most perverse forms. 

The Bangladesh Government has saved hundreds of thousands of Rohingya lives by opening the frontiers of their country, but currently they are denying education to the Rohingya children inside refugee camps. In a report conducted by the NGO Human Rights Watch, it was stated that the Bangladesh Government denies Rohingya children to attend to schools outside the refugee camps and as well humanitarian aid groups are being denied the access to provide education inside the camps. Rohingya children have no opportunity to have an education and specially to enroll in a Bangladesh curriculum. 

The reason for such policies is that the Bangladesh Government expects that the refugees will return sooner than later to Myanmar due to accords conducted between both governments. The HRI finds the return of the Rohingya population to Myanmar unsafe and the government of Bangladesh must act preventively to possible future human rights violations. 

The HRI for peace and freedom condemns the Myanmar Government and armed forces. State officials, Generals and all whom participated in the systematic killings must be tried for crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing. The HRI demands the Bangladesh Government to enable the Rohingya children their right to education. The international community and inter-governmental bodies must address the situation. The HRI calls the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations, Michelle Bachelet to address the current situation of denial of education and to enable, within all of the U. N capabilities, the peaceful and safe repatriation of the Rohingya population as well as a reparation for the atrocities conducted by the Myanmar Government.