Today, the HRI for peace and freedom congratulates all of the women and men, young and old whom constantly fight to promote and protect human rights around the world; such people bring life to the concept of what human rights are all about. 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed on December 10th, 1948 (71 years ago) and every day it becomes more valuable than the day before. The international community must implement within all of each countries’ means, these common, humanitarian standards in order to guarantee all of the rights each person on earth is entitled to. Civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights without exception are for all human beings without discrimination of gender, religion, color, age or partner preferences. 

We must remember today all of the defenders and activists whom freely speak out what they think and peacefully reunite in order to exchange ideas and become decision makers, when in their countries, these acts are punished with torture and death. These people are fighting for an equal world in which justice and freedom persevere over fear, discrimination and oppression.

There are many regions of the world in which it would seem that humans have less rights than others. Thankfully, since the UDHR, lesser countries are seen with these characteristics. The main objective is to help every society in the world fully realize the rights we are all entitled since the day we are born.

History has made us understand that not all men and women have been equal before the law. Even today, in countries where the rule of law is not respected, there are still imbalances regarding the concept of equality. Through slavery, racial discrimination and gender discrimination, retrograde concepts that continue to exist, and have existed under the protection of the law, but, just as the human being evolves, also our ideas and, consequently, the laws that accompany us day to day.

Finally, the HRI remembers the victims of systematic violations of Human Rights around the world. We have defended cases in many countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Philippines and more. Authoritarian regimes around the world will not be granted impunity thanks to all of the defenders and activists whom fight for Human Rights.