As stated on our last comunique, The civilian population has always been vastly affected when military conflicts emerge in every single region of the world”. The case of the flight PS752 is an example of how the civilian population is once again the first to be affected by an armed conflict between nations. 

When the flight crashed on January 8th, 2020, the Iranian Government denied any military involvement regarding the “accident”. After 3 days, the Government finally acknowledged that the plane was shot down. 

 Currently, both president Hassan Rouhani and Spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili stated that the shooting investigation is being conducted. Supposedly, the plane was shot down by an operator of a missile defense system who inaccurately targeted the flight mistaking it for a U.S military aircraft. 

As a first step, acknowledging the involvement is fundamental to continue the investigation. More important, the Iranian government has the responsibility of reparations for the victims under the principles of law recognized by the international community. In this sense, the HRI for peace and freedom urges the Iranian national courts to decide on the reparation for the victims of the case. 

Additionally, we must take into consideration the fact that military activities are always accompanied by a chain of command. When analyzing the situation of repression conducted by authoritarian regimes around the world, the acts of repression itself are the conclusion of a command chain strategy to produce systematic state terrorism. 

The shooting of the flight PS752 is no different. Within a context of military tension between the United States of America and Iran, any military action taken by any part will be the consequence of a command chain in which many militaries as well as government officials will be involved. 

The HRI for peace and freedom condemns any act which has a repercussion to civilians and human rights around the world. We insist to work preventively regarding possible future violations of fundamental rights. The conflict between both nations must end in peaceful terms in order for disastrous events such as this one not to be repeated. Once again, the civilian population is the first to be affected.