On January 5th of 2020, the Maduro Regime conducted a “parliamentary coup” when democratic elections for the National Assembly´s Presidency should have taken place. 

The National Bolivarian Guard (GNB) and the National Bolivarian Police (PNB) were deployed around the legislative organ of the country, The National Assembly, and denied entrance to the majority of the deputies, including Acting President Juan Guaidó, whom are part of the opposition against Maduro´s Authoritarian Regime. Only the pro-regime deputies were given entrance and fraudulent elections took place. Pro-Regime deputy Luis Parra was illegitimately elected President of the National Assembly on the same day. 

We must stand out the fact that the National Assembly of Venezuela since the day of the election has been heavily militarized. All of the deputies who are against the Maduro Regime have been systematically targeted and repressed by both the GNB, PNB and paramilitary groups. 

Maduro´s Regime does not fulfill international legal standards. Commencing with the fact that the presidential election of 2018 was not transparent, and Nicolas Maduro illegitimately imposed himself as president of the State. In this sense, the rule of law in Venezuela has decayed throughout the years with the ever-growing, exponential presidential control over the legislative and judicial organs of the state. 

From behalf of the HRI for peace and freedom, we desire to expose the importance of a clear division or separation of powers. It is a fundamental pillar for democracies to develop. The Maduro Regime does not intend to promote neither democratic values nor rule of law in what he sees as his country. 

The HRI for peace and freedom as well states the fact that the Venezuelan National Assembly has the Sakharov recognition of the European Parliament. We congratulate the same for approving on January 16th a resolution in which Juan Guaidó is recognized as Active President. This is an act accordingly to international legal standards, rule of law and democratic values. Furthermore, we express the necessity for the European Parliament and the International Criminal Court to activate mechanisms in order for transparent presidential elections to be held in the country. The democratic process must be promoted within all of the international community´s capabilitie