Since October 17th of 2019, Lebanon has seen anti-government protests emerge and escalate until today. The main reason for such protests are vast levels of Government corruption which have had a direct impact on the community, specifically to access healthcare and food. 

Violence as well has escalated. The Lebanese government has violated the principle of proportionality in many occasions throughout the months and specially on January 18th of 2020. On this day hundreds of peaceful protestors were attacked by police forces, injured and arrested. 

The riot police officers have violated the principle of proportionality by attacking the protestors with rubber bullets directly at them.  As well using other means of riot control in a disproportionate manner. 

From behalf of the HRI for peace and freedom we to urge the newly formed Government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab to work preventively against possible future human rights violations related to protest controls. The situation if not handled correctly is unquestionably going to worsen in the upcoming months. The HRI constantly emphasizes in the concept of prevention. For governments around the world to work visualizing future scenarios in which fundamental rights are violated, and citizens injured and killed.