Contextualizing the events of this week, the Salvadorian Congress passed a law in which the sentences for the perpetrators of crimes committed during the 1980-1992 civil war, which left more than 75.000 victims, would be reduced to almost a 75 percent.  

From behalf of the HRI for peace and freedom we desire to express three points:

  1. The legislation should not exclude the opinion and proposal of the victims, whom have been affected the most by the conflict. In this sense, inputs directly provided by the victims or groups that represent the same, should be analyzed and fundamentally, taken into consideration. 
  2. The State of El Salvador has the obligation to ensure that the truth is told, justice is done, and reparation is provided to the human rights violations victims of the civil war.  This represents the “truth, justice and reparation” implicit obligation recognized by the Universal Declaration of the United Nations in order to fight against impunity.  In this sense, an exhaustive investigation that encompasses a due process and an accurate reparation of victims must be conducted. Any amnesty or repair must be adjusted to the rule of law. 
  3. A law that implies historical memory of the country from a conflict that directly or indirectly affected the entire population, must have a national general consensus and the decision should not be retained by an institution which at the same time, clearly has a fractured vision regarding the subject.