The HRI for peace and freedom addresses the latest controversial situation in regard to a proposed law which could violate civil liberties of the Hong Kongese population. 

As one of our pillars is to work preventively against any possible human rights violation, we must express our concern and caution towards visible, possible dangers. Such law will undoubtedly spark unrest within the pro-democratic people of the “special administrative region” of Hong Kong. 

The pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, which outlived a series of protests during the year 2019 with thousands of injuries and arrests, won most of the 452 seats at the November, Hong Kong District Council elections. In September of the present year (2020), legislative elections will be held. If the same phenomenon occurs, the pro-democracy movement will achieve another major milestone. 

In this sense, the Chinese Communist party has responded with a security law open to wide interpretation. Under article 4 as an example, which states:

“When needed, relevant national security organs of the Central People’s Government will set up agencies in Hong Kong to fulfil relevant duties to safeguard national security in accordance with the law.”

The mainland government might repress any form of dissidence towards the pro-Beijing movement in Hong Kong. 

Overall, the law in question represents a danger to civil rights and might commence a new wave of protests in the region. The Chinese Government should work accordingly to what the Hong Kongese population democratically, legally won in the past elections. Not being able to do so, and inciting a new wave of protests, represents direct human rights violations.