The HRI for peace and freedom of the World Jurist Association condemns the latest hate crime towards George Floyd. Recent events expose discrimination to equal protection towards the law, and inhuman, cruel and degrading treatment towards the Black Society in the United States of America. 

Racism is a systemized form of discrimination and oppression, unacceptable in the XXI Century. 

Prejudice-motivated crimes, by targeting a specific victim because of belonging to a specific sex, ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and more… are labelled and condemned as “Hate Crimes”. 

Racism has existed through human history, and, even though hate crimes’ penalties are enhanced by law, it appears to be constantly reappearing in societies susceptible to polarization.  In this sense, the HRI condemns polarizing acts conducted by public figures. Hate speech is the most common form of polarization mechanism. 

National and international legal instruments must be applied towards the incentive to commit hate crimes, which represents a direct violation to Human Rights stipulated under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Additionally, the United States Government has the legal responsibility to address other forms of systematic racism such as economic inequality and mass incarceration. The HRI insists the United States Justice Administration to address all acts of racism and hate with all of their means. 

The perpetrators of George Floyds assassination must be held accountable, but equality, ethics and humanity are standards which must be fundamentally normalized in order to stop the propagation of a deadly virus called Racism.