Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in an armed conflict against the Chinese army. This particular dispute between the two most populous nations on earth; neighbors and both nuclear-armed, represents what could become a military conflict of massive consequences; specially for the civilian population. 

International actors as well as diplomatic mediation between both countries is necessary, in order for the conflict to decelerate and stop military actions, rather than escalate and provoke more unnecessary casualties. 

The Human Rights Institute for peace and freedom believes in working preventively within the context of possible future human rights violations. As stated by the United Nations: 

The most effective way to diminish human suffering and the massive economic costs of conflicts and their aftermath is to prevent conflicts in the first place”.  

Diplomacy and mediation are tools constantly used by the international community and promoted by the United Nations in order to solve international conflicts which can escalate and conclude disastrously for entire countries and more important, for the civilians. The HRI condemns the lack and incapacity of good diplomatic offices and representatives between the two nations and urges the tools for peace to be properly and accordingly used for this conflict to settle in peaceful terms.  

As stated under Chapter VII of the U.N Charter, the Security Council of the United Nations must lead the path and methods of peaceful settlement between both nations after the threat is determined. From behalf of the HRI, we urge the permanent members of the Security Council to address immediately and with firmness the situation.