The Senate voted on Monday to modify the penal code. Annulling an amendment introduced in July 2019, prohibiting “same-sex sexual relations”. Fifty-nine senators voted in favor of the suppression of this amendment that penalizes homosexuality, 17 against and 4 abstentions. 

The Gabonese Republic is a country located in Central Africa, and on Monday, the Government took a step which marks a symbol of human progression for Africa as a hole and a standard to achieve for several countries which are constantly on the big picture. 

The Human Dignity Trust provided a map in which countries that criminalize LGTB are highlighted in red. As perfectly seen, the regions that criminalize are mostly between Africa and the Middle East. 

Even though many countries have decriminalized LGTB rights, many as well disapprove and systematically attack members of the community, such as Russia, Turkey or China.

From behalf of the Human Rights Institute, we desire to promote a message of love, approval, equality and tolerance. Gabon has taken a step to an inevitable future of human equality and the rest of the world which does not tolerate, hate or discriminate, should take the step as well.