The Tech For Freedom division is created by the Human Rights Institute for peace and freedom to study the application of technologies as tools to promote and defend human rights.

The ethical-humanitarian facet of big data and artificial intelligence is one of the least explored, being much more common the discussion about privacy and the use of data for commercial, economic, marketing or electoral purposes.

We firmly believe these technologies can positively impact the defense, promotion and vigilance of human rights if encompassing legal and ethical guidelines.

It becomes essential to develop an ethical-humanitarian facet of digital tools, in order to place the huge volume of data available, at the service of humanity, and the dignity of each individual.

Our first program consists on the application of blockchain technology for the preservation of digital records with the greatest historical importance in Latin America. By using a decentralized storage protocol called Filecoin, we take care of creating different copies of each file and distributing them on servers around the world. In this way, the information is kept in a decentralized way, persistent over time, immutable and
free of censorship.

It is created for public institutions, NGOs, companies and individuals who wish to guarantee the perpetuity and immutability of their information through decentralized technologies.

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