The Human Rights Institute for peace and freedom assumes the defense of human rights from a comprehensive and interdependent approach to three work areas: promotion, vigilance, and strategic litigation, to represent or accompany victims of serious human rights violations and fight against impunity and promote awareness and action in the enforceability of rights.  

Promotion through documentation and communication activities, to raise awareness of serious human rights violations and motivate action within the framework of the rule of law and culture of peace. 

Vigilance through observance and dissemination of serious threats and human rights violations in order to: 

  1. Denounce before national and international organizations for the protection of human rights and international public opinion, about situation of threats and serious violations; 
  2. Ensure respect for human rights and present recommendations according to international standards of compliance and guarantee of human dignity; 
  3. Support and accompany actions of observation, verification and information on compliance with judicial guarantees as a guardian of the rule of law, peace and freedom. 

Strategic litigation of cases related to serious violations of human rights and crimes of war, genocide, against humanity and international aggression, through the implementation of legal actions and enforceability of rights before the various international protection systems and courts to avoid impunity and guarantee Reparation to victims.